Monday, August 2, 2010

More of Chapter 3

The second picture is of Florence she is a goddess!
The first picture is of my best friend Sabrina, it's a picture her boyfriend took of her and i didn't like the way the original picture looked so i played with it in photoshop

Chapter 3 continued down below

“My god Harrison did you really have to sneak up on me like that, don’t you think I have had enough scares for one day?”
As he looked at me, he started to laugh a little bit. “Sorry Carlie, I didn’t realize that walking over to the car would scare you so badly, I promise to make my presence more noticeable next time.”
“Well with the day I’ve had, I would think that not scaring me would be one of your highest priorities. Whatever I’m so over today it’s not even funny, please just get me home, I have three people left to deal with and I really want to get that over with as soon as possible.”
As soon as I mentioned Jezebel, mom and dad, Harrison started to rush me into the car. Apparently dad had called and said that if we weren’t home in 10 minutes he was going to come to the school and get us himself. I guess I never realized how impatient dad had become since he left his job. We ran to get into the car as fast as we could, knowing my driving it probably wasn’t the best idea for me to drive, I wasn’t the fastest driver in the world and the drive to the house was definitely longer than 10 minutes. As soon as I was strapped into the car and Harrison had the ignition on he slammed on the gas pedal!
For some reason mom and dad had picked one of the most remote areas for the house that we now lived in, I can’t complain though, the house was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen, like something out a Victorian novel. The house was right next to one of the most beautiful rivers in Oregon, which made it a little bit better that we lived here. I had been really into photography so I had wanted to get some shots for my portfolio for college.
The river we lived by was the Willamette River and it was not actually in Westfir. My family did not actually live in the town we lived right outside of it and I was very happy for that. We apparently had some neighbors to the far left of us but the real estate agent said that they kept to themselves and wouldn’t bother us and in her wording it seemed like that meeting was going to be never; I’m sure mom would want to rectify that situation.
The house was a behemoth and funny enough we each had a floor to ourselves; the house had at least 5 levels many of which I did not dare to venture into, I chose the second floor knowing that would be a safe choice. I chose to share my floor with Jezebel; she didn’t want to be secluded to a floor by herself so I said that I wouldn’t mind sharing the floor with her. I loved my little sister more than anything and since the move she had been having some problems with trusting mom and dad again especially since they had ruined her chances in the theatre more than once before. She was just as upset as I was about the move and she had more reason than my pathetic excuse of having to leave behind my boyfriend.
Jezebel was one of the best actresses in our high school especially for being only 15 years old; she had been in every play that our school had ever produced they came to her when we first moved to South Carolina (even though at the time she hadn’t even been in high school yet). This was her year to make one of the biggest impressions on the Charleston School of the Arts theatre program and the play that was being produced apparently was the greatest thing our school had come up with in years (Urinetown). But unfortunately Jezebel had to give up her chances to go the CSA and move here instead, I felt terrible after mom and dad told us the news, it had hit her the hardest of all. Let’s just say I’m not the only whose not mom and dad’s favorite child right now, Harrison is literally the poster child for forgiveness in this family.
My parents’ were trying to soothe her ego when they found out that Portland had an amazing theatre school; the only problem was that Portland was very far away and Jezebel was just as attached to me as I was to Harrison. My mom and dad were willing to renegotiate the living situation and move up to Portland “if” Bell got into the school; like that would be a problem, she had already starred in 3 major films along with a stint on Broadway while we had lived in New York for 3 years. My little sister started acting as soon as she was able to walk and while Harrison and I were at school today, Bell had been home practicing for her audition into the school.
Bell was supposed to start her first day tomorrow; this was an attempt to help her soothe her nerves before the big audition on Friday, but after what happened today I’m pretty sure she will be even more stressed out than before. Jezebel never enjoyed it when I was the center of the attention, but it came with the territory when you were as high up on the acting ladder as Bell. So I would try to hit her with the coming news as lightly as possible, but there were going to be fireworks going off in the house tonight.
Jezebel was always a perfectionist and loved having me help her with anything to do with an audition or even an upcoming show. It made her feel like even though I wasn’t the center of attention that I was still a part of her life; I had even done a couple of the schools plays with her when we first moved to South Carolina.
I promised her this morning that I would get home as soon as I could to help her practice her monologue with her; during my early years of high school I tried out a drama class to see how I liked it. Let’s just say that acting is not a profession I would willingly go into; my teacher said I was brilliant and I didn’t have a problem with stage fright but it just didn’t feel like something I could do, plus I’m sure Jezebel wouldn’t appreciate the competition between us for the stage.
As I sat in the car trying to think about what I was going to say to Jezebel and my parents, Edward kept creeping into my head. His cryptic “quotes” were starting to make me extremely upset; I wished he would just say what he meant instead of trying to confuse me further. But as hard as I tried to be upset at Edward for his deception this afternoon, I couldn’t even get angry to within a tenth of a degree of what I wanted to be.

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