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STEP III and some more book

This is the third step of my woodcut ive been obviously cutting wood out of my piece to create the image that i put up a few weeks ago.

Here is some more of chapter 2 i know its been a really long time since i put some of the book of so here it is i might not always post pages in every entry so here is some of the book it might be a while till the next post.

Chapter 2: The First Day

It was almost as if in that second the world had stopped and my heart was beating at a speed of 100 miles per hour. I knew this feeling, I had felt like this only once before when I dated the “love of my life” back when I live in South Carolina the guy of my dreams who I had to leave for my family. As I came out of my day dream Harrison was already at my side asking me if I was okay, it seems that he had walked ahead of me to ask a teacher where the front office was when I had tripped; he hadn’t even noticed the boy that had come to my aid. It wasn’t like me to be clumsy, I was the captain of my softball team back in South Carolina and my coach was at a loss for words when I had told her that I was moving. Harrison hadn’t even noticed the boy that had rescued my books when I got to my feet jumping from the fright of the situation. But what could I say to him? Oh no worries Harrison some random guy just flew in out of nowhere picked my books up handed them to me and left in the same amount of time it took me to trip on my shoelace. Who would believe that? I certainly knew I didn’t even believe myself at this moment.
How could it be that the one book that I was totally in love with seemed to be happening to me in this very moment? It couldn’t be happening I must be imagining things maybe I tripped but I hadn’t dropped my books at all? Whatever happened I knew that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw this mysterious boy. As Harrison and I headed to the office everyone seemed to be staring at me? I wonder what had caught their attention so quickly and I realized that the show that had just been put on by me and this mysterious boy was interesting to everyone. I wondered why everyone was so shocked didn’t he do things like this all the time and if not why would he do it for me? Hopefully in the future I would meet this boy again.
We had just entered the office and you could tell from the tiny space inside that not much was going on; the young lady at the reception desk was working on some paperwork that didn’t seem to keep her interest very well. As Harrison and I stepped forward, she looked up from her work and immediately realized who we were. “Ahh you two must be our new arrivals! Charlene and Harrison Wilde right?” As we stepped closer to the desk I responded to the assistant, “Yeah but you can just call me Carlie no one ever calls me Charlene...” The receptionist lets out a little giggle as I get embarrassed by the idea of someone using my real name in any context other than for disciplinary action. I try to change the subject but Harrison is already there to save the day from my embarrassment, “Yeah and you can call me Harry, my god you look like you could only be 17 years old how come you are a receptionist Miss?...” “Its Mrs. Aberforth thank you very much Harrison…. Is your brother always this smooth or does he just like putting on his charm for married women?” “He can have his moments but he is a generally okay kid if you’re in to the dumb jock sort of thing.” I let out another little giggle as Harrison tries to whack my shoulder for making fun of him. After a few more giggles between me and the receptionist, we are able to gain control over our laughter and receive our schedule of classes.
As I looked at my schedule of classes I was worried to see all the honors classes I had been placed in. Luckily Harrison and I have two classes together, one in the morning and one at the end of the day. Well if I had to go through this torture at least I would be able to get through two classes with the help of my loving twin.
We turned to head out of the office when Mrs. Aberforth caught us before we left, “Oh I almost forgot where is your sister….Jezebel? Is she sick?”
I had almost completely forgotten that Jezebel wasn’t starting her first day with me and Harry that I had forgotten to have dad tell the school as well. “Oops, I’m sorry I forgot to have my dad tell you, she isn’t starting today she has a big audition for a theatre school up in Portland so she is up there today but she will be back for tomorrow. Sorry I guess it completely slipped our minds.”
“No problem Carlie I will just have to tell the teachers so that they don’t think that she is cutting on her first day or something.” She gave out a little giggle and I completely understood what she was talking about, this school would be totally unprepared for the arrival of Jezebel tomorrow. I almost felt pity for her classmates and teachers.
As we headed out of the front office Mrs. Aberforth reminded us to bring our teacher response sheet back to her at the end of the day. I nod my head in confirmation as Harrison makes one last failed attempt at flirting with her by winking at her with extreme unsubtly. As I push him out of the office with all my might I realize that the mysterious boy from this morning is still in the hallway. This time though he is not alone, he stands at a grouping of lockers with two other boys looking as uninterested as Mrs. Aberforth did when we walked in to the main office. The three boys were talking about something in lowered voices when they realized they were not alone anymore. The boy from earlier looked directly at me and did the oddest thing ever! He gave me the meanest glare then turned to stalk away. The other two boys followed after him like they were a part of a cult and we weren’t cool enough to join. Harrison looked after them, “There’s something weird about those guys. I don’t know what it is but something tells me we need to stay away from them.” I couldn’t have agreed more with Harrison in that moment but at the same time something compelled me to go after him. It was an odd feeling and I wasn’t sure I wanted to feel this way about a boy who had given me such a horrible look.
I wasn’t sure how this day was going to turn out. After the awkward beginning that had started my day here at Westfir high I wasn’t exactly sure what else I could expect, my only prayer was that no one else was as awful as that boy that just looked at me. As Harrison and I headed to our first class together I was wondering whether or not the school had a softball team? This is one part of myself I definitely didn’t want to forget about. More than anything else though I wanted people to know that I wasn’t just the new girl in town who had no clue what she was doing, softball was my comfort zone and that is exactly where I wanted to stay.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Iron oxide is the next step that you see in this picture. i know you cant really tell what it is but its the same thing that was in the tracing that i put up last week

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So because Monday was MLK jr day we didnt have school. Which is totally fine with me. So yesterday was the first day of the second week of school! WOOO so I got to start working more on the woodcut and will actually be starting the cutting process but before that happens I will be posting a photo of what the wood looks like first. I also started my first day of work at my dad's store (PAPA MURPHY'S) it was cool. He's kind of a stickler and annoying but other than that it was alot of fun to work there. Well I got to school way to early this morning and so I thought I would type up a quick blog since I had so much spare time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am taking a printmaking class this semester at Del Mar so I'm really excited about this! I had to trace this photo of a wood cut and then ink in the areas that were black. Tomorrow I'm going to be starting to make the wood cut a reality so I'm really excited about this! I'll keep you updated with photos of the progress of the project!

Monday, January 11, 2010

From my media writing class in 09

I wrote this story about my former rugby team from Kent State University! in Ohio

As the sun shines over the rugby pitch at 11:00 in the morning, the Kent State Women’s Rugby team begins their trek out to the field. Their cleats crunching in the dry gravel that lays out the path, the girls walk over a tiny bridge and onto the newly wet grass from the morning’s dew.
The KSU Women’s rugby team, which has been an organization with the school since 1968, continues its season with a record of 3-3 after playing a tournament in Columbus. For this team, playing the sport is not just a way to get their aggression out in a healthy way, but it is also a community that brings these girls together. Melissa Inkrott, one of the team’s new head coaches this semester, says that when she played ultimate Frisbee it was nothing like the way the girls on the rugby team treated her.
“It truly is a family; these girls’ show interest in you,” Melissa Inkrott said. “They made you feel like it wasn’t about the sport.”
Jennifer Klase, current player, said this team is like no other, these girls however different they may be come together on and off the field.
“Definitely the closeness of the team.” Jennifer Klase said. “Everyone is so different yet on and off the field, we have a bond that holds us together.”
The team, which have extremely different fall and spring schedules are always working on training new rookies. Sometimes it can be very challenging for the players and especially the coaches. On April 18th, the women’s team played Oberlin College but lost to the team by two tri’s (goals). Inkrott feels like she had something to do with how poorly the girls played that day.
“I felt like I had failed as a coach,” Inkrott said. “I didn’t know what I was doing wrong with the girls, if I wasn’t explaining something right or what?”
Inkrott, along with several of the other veterans on the team, learned most of their rugby skills from Coach James Kaminsky. Kaminsky, who left to go to Washington D.C. for a job offer ,left a large task to the team. The girls had to find a new, better coach who knows what’s going on and who knows the team before the season starts. The team found that in Hope Peairs who had actually recruited Inkrott to the team her sophomore year of college. But after one semester of coaching, Peairs had to leave the team due to conflicts, and the KSU Women’s Rugby team found their new coaches in Inkrott and Kelly Yost. Beverly Doyle, a former player, says that even with the rapid change in coaching it hasn’t seemed to hurt the team yet.
“I think that the team is benefiting from it because coach Kaminsky was a good coach, but not all the girls on the team agreed with how he ran practice all the time,” Doyle said. “Now having alumni coaching, it makes it better because they know how we felt beforehand and we all love them.”
Anyone who walks by Manchester field can see how much effort and determination any of these players put into their practice. With new and old players coming in and out on a weekly basis, it almost seems hard to believe that Kent can keep a women’s team afloat. Losing at least 15 prospective players in the beginning weeks of training, they do make up for lost players by recruiting throughout the season.
“We lose 15 girls in the first couple of weeks in conditioning,” Inkrott said. “No one really wants to be a part of a team if all they are doing is conditioning.”
For current players, they do not seem to look at the loss of these prospective players the same way as the girls leaving do. Stephanie Warren, a sophomore at Kent and a student who attempted to play rugby, says that how the team functioned as a whole really affected who stayed and who did not.
“There were many separations in the team, nobody really wanted to converse with the new girls, they just kept to themselves.” Warren said. “I know for a fact that in doing that you can’t have team togetherness, what is the point of being a team that sets you up for failure? If team-building doesn’t begin on the first day, then there is no way that the team can grow into better players personally and as a group.”
Although the team has hit some rough patches with girls continuously coming and leaving they start to bond right away. Unlike what happened to Warren, the team, along with the entire Ohio women’s rugby community truly is a community. Inkrott says that it comes to a point where you play with these teams so much that you can call out a player for the other team by name. Many of the girls go as far as calling the team a family. Sarah Ferrato, another former player on team, say that the love that is shown between these girls is truly a big family.
“The camaraderie with this team is so much different,” Ferrato said. “In high school it was easier to be close with your team because you had the same classes with them every day and you had practice right after school 5 days a week.”
The team which has a 50-50 record, will be playing in a tournament called Prom on the Pitch, where the girls will dress up in used prom dresses and play against Akron and Oberlin.
A family, a network of girls, with the season coming to an end, the KSU Women’s rugby team can feel the summer air and freedom from practice.

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Day IV

So I'm thinking (as you can obviously see) of not posting entries everyday. When there are more people around to read the entries, I will start posting them more often. But for now I'm thinking about every 5 days I will post a new entry. Like I said in my last entry I do not have anything more from chapter 1. That doesn't mean that that is all there is for that chapter, it just means thats all I have at the moment for that chapter. For now I am going to be posting chapter 2. It is a little bit longer than the other chapter and I feel like it is a lot more fun to read. This is a long chapter right now so I will be posting the equivalent of 1 page a day so that this will last for at least a month So for today's entry I give you the first couple of paragraphs of chapter 2:

Chapter Two: First Day

If you look back at the first day I came to Westfir High School, of course no one would have taken a second glance at me. I’m nothing special but definitely not someone you would miss in a crowd. My mom always pleaded that I put on some kind of makeup to make myself look “pretty” at least in her eyes. I’ve always been a low maintence kind of girl so of course when it came time to go to a party or whatever I would put on a show and make my mother happy. But today was not an average day, my mother and father; two of the happiest married people you will ever meet promised that this would be the last time we moved.
As I stepped inside this tiny high school in Westfir, Oregon I clutched my brother’s hand hoping that I didn’t drop to my feet with fear.
My brother and I have always been close, of course being twins he has been the best friend I could ever have. Like any twin, he gets me and knows when something is wrong. But of course like any other brother, when it comes to his sister and love he has always been on the outs. He’s either been overprotective or not protective enough always underestimating the guy that I was dating at the time. Especially when it came to the guy who I thought I was in love with and would be with forever. My brother of course got what I was feeling and totally underestimated the guy saying that it would be over in a month (but that comes later in the story).
At the beginning of that day I hated my parents for what they had done to my brother and me. I hated that they tore me away from the sunshine of South Carolina and dragged me to this hole of a town in Oregon. Oregon the last place on the planet earth that I would want to be and not only was it not okay with me, my brother who normally backed me up on everything was backing my parents up this time. He kept telling me that this change would be good for me, that my life needed this change and that in the end I would thank mom and dad for the move. If only I knew a year ago what I know now maybe my life would have been different. Maybe I would have been able to avoid the coming danger?
As I walked into the front doors to Westfir High School, I could tell that anything and everything Harrison and I once held in confidence would be obsolete in this small town that consisted of little over 200 people. I wanted to turn around right then and there and make sure that I never got to know any of these people. I wanted the comfort of my home in South Carolina; I wanted my best friend Suzanna at my side saying that everything is going to be okay and that nothing will ever separate our friendship. I wanted Harrison to whisper in my ear that my life is not going to end by moving here and that I will meet new friends in no time. But of course Suzanna isn’t here and she can’t tell me everything will be okay. Harrison will tell me what I want to hear but only to calm me down for 2 seconds.
As I walk with him to the front office to get our new class schedule I trip over my untied shoelace and dropped the books I had been carrying in my hands, one of the books happened to be my absolute favorite novel…. Twilight a book that I definitely never thought could be topped by any story of true love in the weirdest form. As I bent down to grab my books I was beat by a hand that seemed to come out nowhere! I jumped back and suddenly a silent marvel walked up to me and handed me my books. He was the most elegant and graceful boy I had ever seen in my existence.

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So sorry it took me so long to post. I was away in New Mexico and hadn't brought my computer with me. I had a great time and drank almost every night (almost) but my last night had to be the best of the time I was there. My friend Jane had sent me a pack of moustaches along with other various things for my birthday/Xmas present this year so I had decided to bring it with me to New Mexico! It was hilarious, we got dressed in our respective roles and basically fooled around for the entire night! It was a blast. But the reason I didn't bring my computer with me is because my best friend doesn't have internet at her place and so I just thought it would be easier on myself if I just didn't bring it with me all together. So here I am almost a week after I posted my last blog back for more. I have such a day ahead of me today that I'm to sure if I'm going to be able to succeed in getting through it all! I have to change my license over from new jersey to texas. I have to ship and mail out stuff for my mom, also I have to send things to the dry cleaner and I have to go deal with my school issues! I really hope that everything gets resolved because classes start next week! So hopefully I am able to get things done! But anywho here is the next section of the book. This is all I have for chapter 1 as of right now so I will be skipping around in the next couple of posts, don't worry there is definitely more to chapter 1 than just these few paragraphs! So here you go chapter 1 continued:

            On a normal day I wouldn’t have thought anything of what my parents were putting us through again. In my life moving was as normal as sitting down at the breakfast table and having something to eat. To put it in the best terms possible my parents liked to move and they liked to move us a lot, in the past 17 years of my life I have lived in 6 different states and over 15 different houses. But this time I thought it was permanent more permanent than any of the other moves at least, we had finally found a place where we could seem relatively normal maybe even happy.
            Sometimes I wish that my parents’ would just give up on trying to make our family seem like we’re normal, maybe then I wouldn’t have such a problem with all the moving around we did. I hoped that the last one would be permanent but of course it wasn’t, it seemed so permanent we had been here for almost 4 years and I was finally getting used to the idea of settling down in one place, I loved the sun and how it was warm all year round.
Everyone in my family was prospering, my mom’s business was booming, I was the captain of my softball team not to mention I had the best boyfriend in the world, Jezebel was a shining star in the theatre world and was on her way to enrolling into one of the most prestigious theatre schools in South Carolina, and as for my dad and brother, well they both were doing their own thing. Dad always took care of us giving up his own personal career to help raise us instead, but he always seemed to be okay with that. As for Harry, well he is another story completely, the most popular guy in school, plus the captain of the basketball and baseball team he had everything going for him. So when we found out we were moving to some Podunk town in the middle of nowhere in Oregon I couldn’t believe that my parents were doing this to us again.  Even worse I couldn’t believe that Harrison was all right with it, he was supporting my parent’s choice and that confused me greatly. Out of all us he would probably be losing the most, having to start all over again making his claim in the sports arena along with the kids in school.
 I didn’t want this to happen so let’s just say when Bell and I were begging my parents not to do this again you can put it as we weren’t the most gracious people about it. Bell threatened to kill herself or even runaway whereas I just plain begged them not to do this. I wasn’t as dramatic as Bell but I felt the same way as her. If we moved it would be the end, I would die inside and I didn’t want that, I could tell that this move would be the last straw to my sanity level I wasn’t going to be able to take this anymore.
Well beyond their better judgment my parents moved us to Westfir, Oregon some little town where my life would no longer be what I knew it should be. It wasn’t the fact that we were moving again that bothered me; it was the fact that I would have to start all over again. Having to find that new house, move in, unpack, get situated in a new school and worst of all the tedious task of attempting to become part of this new group of people, having to make new friends. Sure I was an outgoing person, but just like anyone else I was scared, I was shy and I hated having to put myself in this situation where I was forced to meet new people. I liked having a comfort zone, somewhere that I was able to fit in. But I was never one to just fit in, first days were always the worst for me and I had a problem with speaking in public. I loved to play sports and be recognized for my ability in the athletic department, not because I was the new girl and I had made the whole town wonder who I was and why my family had moved here.
The move to Oregon was more difficult than my parents’ had realized getting a mover to pick all our stuff up and drive it to the opposite side of the country was hard enough but we hadn’t found a house yet and while Harrison, Jezebel and I were tasked with the job of packing everything up and helping the movers with the boxes, my parents were out in Oregon finding a house for us. So as we stood inside our old house packing up everything that we treasured I grew angry with my parents’. I wasn’t just angry at them I was angry at everything the whole situation, Harrison telling us that it was going to be great, that it would be “the last time” we would move before school ended. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I’m 17 years old, a senior in high school and my parents decided that this was the best time to move us. School had already been in session for a month and one day out of the blue my mom and dad come into the kitchen and say oh hey kids we’re moving. WHAT?! How is that anywhere near being okay? I wanted to run away, take everything that they held in high regard and throw it against the wall why should I respect two people who continually ruined my life. Everything they ever put us through was unfair to the highest degree maybe I should put them through the same pain as they were putting Jez and I through. As if I was reacting to what I was thinking I dropped what I was doing on the ground and started towards the door, I needed to escape this place, at least go somewhere that I could clear my mind.
“Where do you think you are going Carlie? Mom and dad told us to finish packing up!” Harrison almost seemed furious, apparently I had dropped one of his big hitter trophies and from the looks of it I had snapped off the guy sitting on top of it. I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned Harrison was just as bad as mom and dad; when it came time to get the support of my twin brother he left me high and dry siding with mom and dad. I hated him for that; I didn’t want to have him as a brother anymore after that. Okay so maybe I’m being a little melodramatic, but this was a punishment from him for not taking his warning about Andrew. Well I wasn’t going to stand here and take it; he wasn’t my father no matter how hard he tried to take that role in our family. It made me feel a little bad for dad when he acted the way he did sometimes. I continued to walk to the front door and grabbed my coat from the closest next to the door. Out of nowhere Harry was standing right in front of me blocking the front door.
“I don’t think you understand me Carlie. You’re not going anywhere right now. Especially not to HIS house! I won’t allow it, mom and dad put me in charge to get this done and we will get this finished!” I shoved him out of the way and wanted to punch him in the face so badly! What the hell made him think that he had any right to control what I did or whom I went to see? He sidestepped me again as if to think that I wouldn’t be able to get past him somehow.
“Okay let me say this right now, who the hell do you think you are? I mean seriously…. You’re my brother, not my father what in god’s name makes you think that you would have any right to tell me what I can and cannot do. If I want to go say goodbye to my best friend or my boyfriend I will and there is nothing you can do about it!” I shoved him out of the way and ran for my car trying to beat him to the driver’s door before he could get his hands on me. This was going to be difficult because he was much quicker than I was no matter how much smaller I was than him. I was never able to outrun him! I guess I must have stunned him because I was in the car and started the ignition and Harry still hadn’t come after me! This was my chance to escape and I was going to take it before he had another chance to stop me! I whipped out of the driveway and headed to Suzanna’s house I knew that I would be able to think there, be able to vent to someone who would care and take my side. Plus I would be able to spend some much needed time with Andrew before we left in 3 days. With Harrison always hovering over every little thing I was doing I was never really able to have any real alone time to talk with Andrew since my parents had headed to Oregon, I was going to take advantage of this time with him.
But before I knew it, I wasn’t even headed in the direction of Andrew’s house. I found myself just aimlessly driving around town as if I had no clue where I wanted to go. Maybe I didn’t want to go see Andrew. With him almost anything to do with the topic of me leaving turned into a fight. He was just as upset as I was, it wasn’t really fair to him but in everyway he really didn’t have a say in what my parents decided to do. I can remember the conversation my parents had with us when they broke the news.
“Kids I have some great news! I got a job offer out in Oregon to start up a new embryology clinic and have control of everything!” My mom was so excited that she couldn’t stand it; she had been waiting for this chance for a very long time. Traveling around the country helping other labs raise their ratings instead of doing what she had been dreaming of was killing her. But as wonderful as it was to hear the news that she was finally going to do what she wanted to for a change, all I could hear were the words “in Oregon”, this had to be a joke right? “Wait a second, you mean Oregon as in on the complete opposite side of the country? What about school, Bell’s scholarship to acting school, what about mine and Harry’s teams? Do those things mean nothing to you?” “Carlie that is a very cruel thing to be saying to your mother right now, this is an amazing opportunity for her, besides you can do all of those things out in Oregon just as much as you could do them here.” This was crazy! They had promised when we moved here that this was the last time before college, they had sworn on my grandmother’s grave and now they were breaking yet ANOTHER promise! “Are you insane? The school year just started, Harrison and I are SENIORS! You really want us to move our senior year. We don’t know anyone out there, this is ridiculous!”