Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day IV

So I'm thinking (as you can obviously see) of not posting entries everyday. When there are more people around to read the entries, I will start posting them more often. But for now I'm thinking about every 5 days I will post a new entry. Like I said in my last entry I do not have anything more from chapter 1. That doesn't mean that that is all there is for that chapter, it just means thats all I have at the moment for that chapter. For now I am going to be posting chapter 2. It is a little bit longer than the other chapter and I feel like it is a lot more fun to read. This is a long chapter right now so I will be posting the equivalent of 1 page a day so that this will last for at least a month So for today's entry I give you the first couple of paragraphs of chapter 2:

Chapter Two: First Day

If you look back at the first day I came to Westfir High School, of course no one would have taken a second glance at me. I’m nothing special but definitely not someone you would miss in a crowd. My mom always pleaded that I put on some kind of makeup to make myself look “pretty” at least in her eyes. I’ve always been a low maintence kind of girl so of course when it came time to go to a party or whatever I would put on a show and make my mother happy. But today was not an average day, my mother and father; two of the happiest married people you will ever meet promised that this would be the last time we moved.
As I stepped inside this tiny high school in Westfir, Oregon I clutched my brother’s hand hoping that I didn’t drop to my feet with fear.
My brother and I have always been close, of course being twins he has been the best friend I could ever have. Like any twin, he gets me and knows when something is wrong. But of course like any other brother, when it comes to his sister and love he has always been on the outs. He’s either been overprotective or not protective enough always underestimating the guy that I was dating at the time. Especially when it came to the guy who I thought I was in love with and would be with forever. My brother of course got what I was feeling and totally underestimated the guy saying that it would be over in a month (but that comes later in the story).
At the beginning of that day I hated my parents for what they had done to my brother and me. I hated that they tore me away from the sunshine of South Carolina and dragged me to this hole of a town in Oregon. Oregon the last place on the planet earth that I would want to be and not only was it not okay with me, my brother who normally backed me up on everything was backing my parents up this time. He kept telling me that this change would be good for me, that my life needed this change and that in the end I would thank mom and dad for the move. If only I knew a year ago what I know now maybe my life would have been different. Maybe I would have been able to avoid the coming danger?
As I walked into the front doors to Westfir High School, I could tell that anything and everything Harrison and I once held in confidence would be obsolete in this small town that consisted of little over 200 people. I wanted to turn around right then and there and make sure that I never got to know any of these people. I wanted the comfort of my home in South Carolina; I wanted my best friend Suzanna at my side saying that everything is going to be okay and that nothing will ever separate our friendship. I wanted Harrison to whisper in my ear that my life is not going to end by moving here and that I will meet new friends in no time. But of course Suzanna isn’t here and she can’t tell me everything will be okay. Harrison will tell me what I want to hear but only to calm me down for 2 seconds.
As I walk with him to the front office to get our new class schedule I trip over my untied shoelace and dropped the books I had been carrying in my hands, one of the books happened to be my absolute favorite novel…. Twilight a book that I definitely never thought could be topped by any story of true love in the weirdest form. As I bent down to grab my books I was beat by a hand that seemed to come out nowhere! I jumped back and suddenly a silent marvel walked up to me and handed me my books. He was the most elegant and graceful boy I had ever seen in my existence.

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