Monday, February 22, 2010

Next project

the first image is the original image that i drew inspiration from. the second is the drawing that i made

Thursday, February 18, 2010

more of the book

Here is more of Chapter 2

I laughed it off realizing that sooner or later at least one of the teachers was going to make me introduce myself, I was just lucky Felicia was there to comfort me after the terror of a failed “speech”. As Mr. Bergman started class I immediately shrugged off trying to listen to his lecture and turned to Felicia. Part of me wanted to know some of the questions the other students had asked and even though I could hear most of them I still wanted to know what she said to them.
“Well to be honest Carlie….everyone really only wanted to know why Edward helped you out in the hallway this morning. I mean you are extremely beautiful and all but he doesn’t do stuff like that for anyone, he barely even does that for his family; like they would ever trip anyway.”
“What do you mean he barely does it for his family?”
“Well you probably haven’t seen them all yet, just wait till lunch you’ll see what I mean. But I mean he is pretty courteous, he opens the doors things like that for the girls’ but he NEVER talks to anyone that isn’t his family. Everyone is just shocked that he picked up your books.”
This news shocked me so much, why was I so special? “Isn’t he dating someone? You think someone as good looking as him would have a girlfriend by now…”
“Well I hope you don’t freak out when you hear this but he was actually married. His wife Bella died a few months ago, he was so depressed when his family first moved here that he wouldn’t even talk to his family at first. It was weird, she was supposedly supposed to be the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen.”
“Wait he was married? How old is he, he can’t be more than 18 years old!”
“Yeah he is something like that but he is only a junior, apparently they had been married for a couple of years or something, they moved here from somewhere in Europe so I guess they had some weird kind of marriage thing. But no one has ever had the nerve to go up and ask him about her. It is a really touchy subject.”
“He must have really been in love with her. That is so sad.” This new information shocked and amazed me. I wonder what Bella looked like, did I remind him of her and that’s why he helped me out. Maybe he had thought I was a “reincarnation” of her or something. As the class dwindled on Felicia introduced me to bunch of the kids who were sitting around us, I wasn’t paying much attention but I was able to catch some of their names.
After class I got directions from Felicia for my next class. I was so excited I would finally be able to relax and sit and talk with Harrison, I had to tell him the information I had learned about this boy Edward. I’m sure he would be just as interested in this news as I was. As I sat down next to him in French, he seemed extremely enthralled in something. I didn’t know what he was reading and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know either, instead I gave him a little punch on the shoulder and made a joke. “So is that a love letter or what?” As he looked up at me, he almost seemed confused at my question, wonder what the letter really was about?
“Uhhhh…. Carlie I really don’t know how to put this to you, but remember that group of boys from this morning that I said I had a bad feeling about?”
“Yeah of course how could I forget that! Why what happened Harrison you didn’t get into a fight with them did you?”
“No, no Carlie nothing like that. It’s just that that guy….Edward I think is his name gave me this letter. We had math together and he seemed really off. He just walked up to me handed me this gigantic letter and said that one was for me and one was for you.”
So that was what he was reading, his letter from Edward. I wondered what his said, I wondered what mine said, but more than anything else I wondered why he was even writing letters to Harrison and me in the first place. I didn’t get this why would he be speaking to me if he didn’t talk to anyone else. I wanted to read my letter more than anything in the world right now and I wanted it right now. I turned back to Harrison held out my hand and asked him for my letter. He handed me a large manila envelope and was shocked at the size of the letter. I didn’t think that the letter would be that large but as I started to pull the letter out I realized that I should probably save it for later, I knew people would be staring at me and I didn’t want the agonizing stares of people all around me. I slid the envelope in to my backpack and started to ask Harrison a question, but our French teacher Madame Genève walked in to start the class. Harrison took my slip and walked up to the front of the class to get them signed and was back in a minute. Luckily Madame was nice enough not to make us talk that was a relief.
I hoped that when I got home dad wouldn’t be into the how was your first day of school routine, I really wanted to read this letter in private. That was another difference between Harrison and I, he didn’t mind the stares most of the time he thought girls were looking at him because he was such “hot stuff” but really half of the time they are wondering why he is acting so weird. As he sat back down next to me, he started asking questions about how my first two classes went; I gave vague responses and attempted to make him the topic of conversation. Of course in a new school with a guy that was such a hot subject he wasn’t willing to tell me what went down between the two of them. He promised that as soon as we got home that he would explain everything to me but right now was definitely not the place or time for this kind of conversation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The end is nearing for my woodcut

hey so i didn't realize i never uploaded the last few photos of my woodcut so i finished it at the end of last week and i turned in my prints more updated blog to come in a short amount of time

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost there

Got alot of the gouging done today so here is what it looks like now

I will be going to school tomorrow before work to hopefully be done with the gouging and begin inking! fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wood cut update and more book

here is an update on the woodcut im finishing the last stages of cutting and will begin inking the piece to create prints

here is some more of chapter 2

Harrison and I didn’t have the same first class he had geometry while I had English, I could tell that he was just as uncomfortable with the idea of not being with me as I was being without him, we were to inseparable entities and I wanted to keep it that way for at least today. But it was very obvious that was not going to happen for us. We had another class after this where we were separated so we headed our separate ways trying to make do with the torture we were about to be faced with.
As I stepped into room 236, I walked up to the desk where Mr. Winters was sitting reading Macbeth finishing up what looked to be his notes for the lecture he was about to give. As I grabbed his attention away from his notepad I told him that I was a new student but got cut off. He didn’t seem too interested as he signed my form and sent me straight to the back of the class near the windows. I was grateful that he didn’t make me introduce myself to the class as I rushed to the only seat left in the back of the class.
As the time waned on I didn’t even realize the amount of people staring at me…. Did I have something on my face and no one was courageous enough to tell me about it? As I quickly glanced into the window next to me I sighed as I realized there was nothing on my face. That was lucky, but then why was everyone still looking at me? It wasn’t like I was something extraordinary or anything. I tried to ignore the people around me for the last 20 minutes of the class and it seemed to work…. Before I knew it the bell was ringing. I got up and started to get my backpack when a girl walked up to me and introduced herself. I guess she was the only one in the class courageous enough to talk to the new girl (as if I was some kind of Martian or something from outer space). Her name was Felicia, I was so grateful for her to come up to me and actually give me a real HUMAN response rather than just standing around gawking at me.
“Hey so you must be the new girl. Charlene, right?”
I giggled a little at the name she just used as I realized that no one here understood that I hated my name. “Well yeah I guess you can call me new her especially from the expressions everyone keeps giving me. Oh yeah and you can call me Carlie.”
“Well don’t mind them I honestly think you and your brothers arrival is the coolest thing that has happened to this school in like 20 years or something. Don’t worry it gets easier after a week… oh by the way my name is Felicia!”
I thought about all the people who had been staring at me in class and it had never hit me that they were just plain curious, I started to giggle a little at the revelation when I noticed Felicia staring at me wondering what was so funny. But before I could answer her questioning gaze she went off into a spree of questions about me. It was sort of funny, it was like the first time I had met Suzanna when we both tried out for the softball team. She was quirky and lit hearted all at the same time. Felicia reminded me of her a lot and that made it easier for me to finish the rest of this day knowing that there was someone here that understood me! As we walked into our next class and sat down I realized I didn’t even know if I was in the right class! Felicia caught my anxiety at this revelation and before I even said anything she cut me off…
“Don’t worry Carlie you and I have like three of the same classes together we are in math right now with Mr. Bergman. You might want to go get you sheet signed before class starts.”
I sighed with relief as she calmed the moment for me. “Thanks Felicia. I think I will go get his signature, I’ll be right back.” As I walked up to Mr. Bergman’s desk I noticed that everyone turned to Felicia and started asking her questions about me. They definitely weren’t being subtly in asking their questions some of them were talking so loud that I thought I was standing right next to them.
I went to Mr. Bergman’s desk and had him sign my slip as quick as I could trying to escape an introduction and embarrassment. But this time I was not as fortunate, as soon as the bell rang Mr. Bergman stopped me from returning to my desk in the back with Felicia and made me stand mortified in the front of the room. As I stumbled my way through some semblance of an introduction the class laughed and I returned to my seat as soon as I was able. Felicia looked at me and I immediately knew what was about to be said.
“Yeah….sorry I forgot to mention that about Mr. Bergman. He is not a nice man and he does whatever he can to make our lives more miserable than they already are. I guess because he is a math teacher he has no life or something so he has to be ‘evil’ and in so many words live vicariously through his students.”