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When I was a little girl I believed in fairytales, I believed in monsters, heroes and the idea that good would always win and evil will always lose. As I grew up and began to realize the way of the world those fickle ideas began to change, I would begin to understand what was so different not only about what I believed in those simple childhood stories, but also what was so different about myself and my family. Have you ever had a secret that seemed so out of this world that you never thought anyone could ever believe it? Well in my case this was very, very true. I had been brought into a world that I could not understand and I would probably never understand because in my family the idea of monsters, prince’s rescuing princesses and good overcoming evil was more real than I could ever understand, and it was not nearly close to what I could ever have imagined. In my family, not only could we make such things come true, we had to make them come true. Where Scripters held the power and swayed the balance of the world in either direction in order to keep our world safe. In order to keep the balance of power swiftly in the direction of good we had to make sure that evil never got their hands on the one thing that would tip the scales into their favor…. me.

When I came of age to find out who and what I was, it would be a large burden to bear. I was only 5 years old when I learned the truth behind what I had been seeing for 2 years, and still in the breathe of innocence. A time in a child’s life when fairytales and myths were so real it didn’t seem imaginable to think them false. As I would later come to realize this innocence was my saving grace, the thing that kept me hidden from my enemies for as long as I had been. What I would not and could never expect was the world that I had been raised in has been and always would be a lie. Nothing you know or see is true to the eye, all you have to do is look close enough and you will see what is truly going on around you. Beneath the surface of your perspective is a world I never thought imaginable, a place I thought was only true in the vivid dreams I had as a child. I will never forget the first time that I was finally able to grasp the truth of what kind of world I live in and what I truly am. As I come into who I am, and my purpose in this world, I am prepared to stand, to fight, to become the hero I was always intended to be. I became ready to master the powers I had been given to not only protect mankind but to protect the guardians of Halyconia. I will not fall down at the face of fear, I will walk up to it, look it in the eye and make sure that fear sees that I am not afraid but I am to be feared.

My future had been set into motion by one child’s radical actions years earlier. I could never expect that my enemy would be so dangerous or so well equipped to stand against me. All my years of training would never be able to protect me against what I was about tog face, the person who I never would have expected to face would be the one I never wanted to. It is a battle of wits, of power, and of bravery. Without these I would never have fully understood my potential, who I was meant to be and the pain I would have to cause not just myself, but my family as well. The world I had stepped into would be one I could never leave, a family, a life and a gift that I could not simply give back. Be prepared, because everything you know and cherish is about to be blown up and you will never believe in the same things ever again. Welcome to my world, the world of Halcyonia, or as we know it Earth.

Chapter 1

My life had always been a complicated one, my family forced us to live on little and made sure that we were ready to move at a moments notice, life was quiet erratic and as I got older it only became worse. Growing up not knowing what I was became very difficult to handle, my parents later told me the reason behind all the moving. A child gains the ability to see a new world, i.e. Halyconia, and its inhabitants at the age of 4 or 5 years old. It’s not a science, but between this time children begin to see the creatures from Halyconia, whether or not they like it. It became hard for my parents to ignore the signs that it was my turn to gain the ability to see into this world, the first time I saw a creature from this place I was 3 years old, much younger than anyone had ever heard of. It was uncommon and very unusual for a child of my age to be seeing these things, my parents knew for this reason that I was different. They never could have guessed what kind of future I would have, what kind of power I would have and how this would all affect me. It was difficult because it was no life for a child, my parents loved me it was plain to see in their eyes, but you could see the fear as well. For this reason it was hard to look at my parents, to know that I was causing them pain but had no clue as to why I was causing them that pain. Even at a young age I wanted to please my parents, but when they left and handed me over to my aunt and uncle I wanted more than anything to beg them to stay. I didn’t know that they were doing this for my safety and I grew to hate them for this, it wouldn’t be till my 15th birthday when I would fully understand the reasoning for them leaving.

When you are young and naïve you never think that the stories your parents are telling you are true. In fact many of us are told after they have finished that its just a fable, oh honey its not real its only a story.  My god, what do parents take their children for, idiots? The story I am about to tell you is the truth and against my better judgment and my parents’ wishes I have decided to share the truth with you. The world around us is not what you understand it to be; when I was a child I saw things that were so unreal I would come crying to my parents because I was so afraid. Now this is not to say that I am a freak, every child in our world at one point in time has the same ability to see what I still see to this day. When I was growing up, I saw many things that my eyes did not want to believe, I wanted to understand what I saw and be courageous enough to stand up to what I thought were only nightmares. You see, I saw monsters, demons, angels and anything else that is unnatural to the human eye. They used to come up to me and speak with me as if I was nothing unusual, it wasn’t until I was 10 years old that I truly began to speak back to these creatures that I was so afraid of. At this age I began to realize that as I became older I could not see them as often, they began to vanish and I was worried that they were dying. I understood that I no longer believed in them and therefore they would not be seen. At the age of 10 I had one friend that continued to come to me, he told me about the world I lived in and what was being hidden from my sight. I live on Earth in Manhattan, New York surrounded by buildings and never understood what was really around me. My friend, Moggie, told me that this world I lived in was not truly Earth, this place was called Halyconia and it had been changed when the “world began”. When I say this, I mean that in the sense of when civilization for humans began, long before human kind or even dinosaurs there was a world where the supernatural reigned supreme.

When Moggie first told me this I was a tad bit terrified, of course I was only 10 years old, I wasn’t capable of understanding why I could see these creatures. Moggie was different from anything I had ever seen, he said that even his family was nothing like him and he had no clue what to make of himself. He had branches for arms and hands and his face was like a goat but much more human than you could imagine, he stood on his hind legs covered in a bright as the sun golden red fur that he said kept him warm in the coldest of weather. His hooves were what caught my eye, he only had two legs but his “feet” were separated into four different hooves. Each leg had four and it almost seemed like over kill; why would such a creature even Moggie need so many hooves? Atop his head were a mighty set of horns, each one curled around itself three times and went backwards behind his head. He was as tall as an elephant and at times it was difficult to look up at him. The most amazing thing about Moggie was his ability to shrink himself down to the size of the person he is with as to not make them uncomfortable. He was an amazing creature and my best friend.

One day I was walking home from school and of course as usual Moggie was beside me talking up a storm, he was insanely chattery and he loved to tell me stories of his family and his home and how this “Manhattan” was polluting his garden so badly. As we walked down the sidewalk to my house a young girl caught up to me, maybe a year or two younger than me and asked me Moggie’s name. I was confused, I looked at Moggie and back at the girl and to my fascination Moggie was smiling and shaking the girls hand. Her name was Jezmena; she went to my school and was in the same grade as me, 4th. It was a bit surprising because of how small she was but she acted as if seeing Moggie was a normal thing. Out of nowhere she introduced Moggie and me to her friend Alfren, a satyr who was as tall as a tree. He seemed friendly, but I was not really sure how much I truly wanted to know about him. He may have been nice, but Moggie taught me that all creatures from Halyconia could not be trusted. In many ways Moggie was my protector, every child has a guardian and even though they are protectors, they will only protect their own guard; another child should not be put at easy at the sight of a guardian. They are only there for one reason, to protect the child they were assigned to as a child. It is very important to understand this, because a child who attempts to “steal” or harm another child’s guardian can have very bad results.

Once, long ago, something like this happened, a child did something no one from Halyconia ever thought possible! His guardian was never there for him, he felt trapped and angered by his protector and in a spiteful rage took a dagger the Minotaur had given him from Halyconia and killed him with it. Wesley was never the same after that happened, he believed the land he was meant to be a part of had deserted him. As he stood above his guardian, Wesley began to weep for he knew that the protectors of Halyconia would hunt him for the rest of his life. It was a terrible fate, but it was one that had been preordained by the Scripters. This path that Wesley had taken was always meant to be. He knelt down and brushed back the hair from his guardians face, laid the dagger on top of his chest and laid his head for the last time on Ki’tan his “trusty” guardian. This act would change the fate of both our world and the world of Halyconia forever. The Scripters were losing control over the children of the guardians, losing them to fits of extreme violence, and Wesley was only the beginning. The children of the guardians were chosen to continue the path of the Scripter, they were chosen because they had a distinct talent to create lively interesting stories and make sure that stories did not go into the direction of evil, if a child was ever detected to be going to the Qara, a Scripter would have to rewrite that child’s future (in many cases, that child would be destroyed through the written word, erased from anyone’s memory). This was the path that needed to be taken with Wesley, he had murdered his guardian and became an unknown variable in our world and no one knew what he could be capable of. Yet no one did anything…. He sat there next to his guardian weeping like the child he was. As he sat there, he finally understood his place in the world of Halyconia and in our world as well, he was the anti-hero. He knew that he should not be alive, that there was something big waiting for him and someday soon he would have to face it. He looked at Ki’tan one last time, giving what little respect he had left for his former guardian and headed towards his destiny… my destiny, the future of our world’s rested on what would happen between Wesley and myself. His path would be a dangerous and rough one but he knew that he was meant to take down this world and to create something that was better.

5 years later

            Walking home from school, I knew I only had minutes till the unfortunate event would happen. It was something that I could not get away from, this day had to be over with I couldn’t take the people staring at me and pointing at me like I was crazy. It had only gotten worse after what happened at school. No one understood, they didn’t know about who or what my family was and even if I tried to explain it to them they would be too scared. The only friend I had been able to retain throughout this life was that little girl I meet 5 years earlier…. Jezmena. In many ways she was a godsend because she understood what I was going through, she knew because she was in the thick of it as well and I would later learn part of my family; although a distant cousin, I considered her my sister.
“Rhea, no one thinks your crazy. I mean you do talk to me an invisible guardian in plain sight of other people but most people just think that’s normal for you considering what they know about your family.” Moggie was walking next to me as usually being extremely unhelpful. Today was extremely different, it was the first time I had used a power that I was told I would receiver as a Scripter. This was not okay, especially since it happened in front of everyone I know. If they didn’t think I was crazy before they sure do now. This was going to be difficult to explain to Aunt Mara. I didn’t know what to do, my parents had left when I was 10, and they told me that it was for my safety and that when I came of age they would return. I received letters and pictures, as technology progressed letters turned into emails, but nothing every changed they wouldn’t come back because they knew if they stayed around me before I became of age terrible things would happen. All parents of Scripters were told to leave their children at the age of 10, it was a rule that I hated and thought to be useless. Children were to be placed with a family member so that they could learn the secrets of the Scripter heritage, each family was different and had powers that were increasing in power as the family progressed. The Scripter families were old and useless as well as being egotistical and only worried about how powerful their next in line would be, and if that child would be the chosen one.

My family, the Writter’s, a one of the most powerful in our community; so its safe to say that I their only heir thus far is feared to be the chosen one. My Aunt Mara and Uncle Wren wanted nothing to do with me; they never wanted to take me and continue the family tradition of molding the next generation of Scripters after what happened to their son, my cousin Micah. Micah, their only child and possibly the great source of power our people had been waiting for, was killed when he was 14 years old; my parents were his guardians when he was taken away from my Aunt and Uncle. My grandparents had died years before, I never knew them, but the task of raising our offspring fell to my Aunt and my parents, Micah was impetuous and felt the need to always try and prove how powerful he truly was to my parents. I was only 2 years old when Micah died; my parents were so distraught about what happened to him. My Aunt never forgave my father, her brother, for Micah’s death. She believed that it was his fault that he did and if they had done their job Micah might still be alive. The hole that was created between my Aunt and father was never fixed, when I became of age, Aunt Mara refused to take me she looked at me and only saw her child that she had lost to a tradition she felt was ridiculous and outlandish for any parent to do. But my Uncle Wren, who did not hold a grudge against my parents like Aunt Mara did, let me into his home and always treated me like I was his own. My love my Uncle for that reason, he never made me feel like an outsider because of what happened to Micah. We all knew the risks, what could happen if a Scripter child was not careful enough in keeping their powers secret, and Micah paid the ultimate price with his death.

I don’t know why I keep drifting into thoughts like that; I was so little I didn’t even know Micah. Its hard not to tell her what is going on when my aunt acts sweet and loving one minute and then strange and angry the next. I feel her pain, I really do but I don’t know how to be around her, its hard to be near her without reminding her of her beloved son being tore away from her when he was only 5. “Rhea, stop dwelling on the past. I know you think I can’t hear what your thinking but I can. Don’t put Micah’s death on yourself right now. Its not what you need to be focusing on.” Moggie’s growing concern over my abilities is what scares me the most. Only recently have we been able to hear each other’s thoughts, this ability was never a known gift of any Scripter ever.

“I know I should be more concerned about keeping the secret and staying hidden. But sometimes it is so hard to stay focused. I didn’t mean for it to happen, I was thinking about Micah only for a brief second. I was just trying to remember his face and the next thing I knew the whole cafeteria was levitating. I can’t seem to control it.” I was the only one on the ground everyone was just staring at me. It was so embarrassing and I couldn’t think of what to do to stop it from happening. I didn’t even understand how I was making it happen in the first place. As we walk home Mena (her name is so long I prefer calling her by the latter half of her name and she never seems to mind) catches up to us with Alfren right on her heels. They seem worried as well.

Mena runs right up to me and drags me down a side alley as if we are being chased. This is such an odd feeling Mena never acts like this, she must be reacting to what happened in the cafeteria today. As we get about halfway down the alley, she makes a sharp left turn into a another alley behind a department store. She finally releases my hand but doesn’t turn around to look at me just yet, I can feel she is worried she wouldn’t be acting like this if she wasn’t. Finally she turns around to look at me, her face full of sadness and worry staring me down. “What happened today? Are you okay?” She walks up to me and tries to touch my arm but I just can’t stand to be touched again at the moment. She takes a step back and waits for my response.

“Mena, I am fine. I don’t know what happened today, its just as much a surprise to me as it is to you. I was just sitting in the cafeteria reading my book waiting for you and the next thing I know there is silence in the cafeteria and Moggie was just staring at me.” I turn to look at him again, the worry still written across his face, across Mena’s face, even Alfren looks at me for this first time with fear.

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 Photo by me
 Photo by me
Photo by Ann Torrence

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Worst luck ever

I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to injuries. This first picture is from a little over a year ago I was doing running stride lunges and tore a ligament in my ankle. The second picture I took today this happened yesterday when I was taking my dogs for a walk up at my sister's house and I tripped in a dip in the road and almost fell on my face. The second picture doesn't look as bad yet but this was only one day the first one was taken 2 days later!

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Dr. Seuss :)

Drunken Aussies!

First night in Austin with the family and get asked by an Aussie through the window of Maggie Mae's for a kiss. He tells me he'll split the 20 buck with me his friend says he wants a real kiss and the guy gives me the whole 20 bucks easiest money I've ever made hahaha thanks Austin
                     This was my Facebook status from Friday night! Gotta love drunk people. This guy comes up to me and my family who happen to be sitting by the window at Maggie Mae's and asks me to kiss him on the cheek. So I say sure, then I have to do it again, and then finally when his friend sees that it was just a peck on the cheek he was like you have to have a real kiss. So I'm reduced to giving him a big old wet one on the lips.... upside easiest 20 bucks I ever made.... downside my family keeps bringing it up hahaha

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 This is my guitar!!! I named her Suze for two reasons. 1.) when I was in high school I played a role that was named Suze. and 2.) Once upon a time there was this T.V. show called Rock Star INXS One of my favorite people on that show was the last female to make to the final 3 her name was also Suze! I loved the name so much that I decided my guitar should have that name. Which also means that yes my guitar is a female. She is a Fender Stratocaster that I have had for over 10 years and is my pride and joy. Unfortuantely I hadn't played her in an extremely long time and a couple of nights ago when i couldn't sleep i decided that I would pull her out of her case tune her (which she needed desperately!), clean her and play a little bit. This guitar is my pride and joy.

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Love the one your with

It is insane how much time can do to make a person feel sad and alone. After a breakup it is the worst feeling in the world especially when you didn't want to give up on it in the first place. This is the case for me, I found this amazing woman who was funny, smart and amazing. She was going through a rough time with family stuff and I wanted to be respectful. In all honesty, I wanted her all to myself and I wasn't able to show her the true feelings I had for her before we broke off what was one of the best relationships I've had in my life. She may have second guessed some of my choices because I was more open about who I am, but that only made me understand where she was coming from more than she realized, I went through it too. I wanted to be there for her and get through the bad parts with her. Because with the bad comes the good and every time I was with her I was so happy, I felt like myself again,  like I didn't have to hide who I was with her. She made me feel light and happy and loved. So when we broke off our relationship of 4 and 1/2 months, its safe to say that I was a little bit destroyed about it. I wanted to be with her more than she realized and I didn't want to force her to do anything she wasn't comfortable with or be something I knew she wasn't. She gave me the drive to try and start getting back to the gym, she was going everyday, and I'm guessing still does, and it encouraged me to feel that I should do the same. She has so much courage in the face of unspeakable pain and I miss her every second of every day. I don't know what to do, should I call her, text her, message her. Its been almost 3 months since we broke up and I feel like if I had a chance of getting back with her, that time has passed. I dream about her every night and catch myself thinking about her during class and at work. People have been coming at me with provocative requests and all I can think about is her. I don't want them I want her. But I feel as if I have become impotent in the face of seperation from her. I wish I knew what to do because I miss talking to her, I miss seeing her, I miss hanging out with her and being around her. She was someone I could confide in and I miss that too, she was there for me. She always made me feel better when I was sick. I just wish I had the courage to say this to her because she makes me feel so alive, she makes me feel like a person I can believe in and have faith in. I wanted to be everything for her and I feel like I failed miserably at that job. I just hope more than anything in the world that she is happy and well. Because I'm a wreck without her.

Olga Korbut 1972 Olympics

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Real or Fake!

Whether this is really or fake I stand behind my love of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! Even though I don't know what exactly to believe, although I want to desperately believe that scum bag magazine writers and photographers are lying. I want everyone to be able to make up their own mind and make their own decisions. This is a difficult time and in this age it has become a dog-eat-dog world in which magazines will do anything and create any kind of story to get magazines off the shelf! Its ridiculous and despicable! I hope that everyone out there makes an informed decision on whether or not it actually happened. But even if it did, KStew is young (22) and still has a lot to learn about life, many of us who made mistakes at that age are lucky enough to not have supposed pictures plastered all over the internet and magazines. So believe what you will, but I'm going to take what magazines say about this with a grain of salt! Robsten love FOREVER!

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