Sunday, January 31, 2010

STEP III and some more book

This is the third step of my woodcut ive been obviously cutting wood out of my piece to create the image that i put up a few weeks ago.

Here is some more of chapter 2 i know its been a really long time since i put some of the book of so here it is i might not always post pages in every entry so here is some of the book it might be a while till the next post.

Chapter 2: The First Day

It was almost as if in that second the world had stopped and my heart was beating at a speed of 100 miles per hour. I knew this feeling, I had felt like this only once before when I dated the “love of my life” back when I live in South Carolina the guy of my dreams who I had to leave for my family. As I came out of my day dream Harrison was already at my side asking me if I was okay, it seems that he had walked ahead of me to ask a teacher where the front office was when I had tripped; he hadn’t even noticed the boy that had come to my aid. It wasn’t like me to be clumsy, I was the captain of my softball team back in South Carolina and my coach was at a loss for words when I had told her that I was moving. Harrison hadn’t even noticed the boy that had rescued my books when I got to my feet jumping from the fright of the situation. But what could I say to him? Oh no worries Harrison some random guy just flew in out of nowhere picked my books up handed them to me and left in the same amount of time it took me to trip on my shoelace. Who would believe that? I certainly knew I didn’t even believe myself at this moment.
How could it be that the one book that I was totally in love with seemed to be happening to me in this very moment? It couldn’t be happening I must be imagining things maybe I tripped but I hadn’t dropped my books at all? Whatever happened I knew that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw this mysterious boy. As Harrison and I headed to the office everyone seemed to be staring at me? I wonder what had caught their attention so quickly and I realized that the show that had just been put on by me and this mysterious boy was interesting to everyone. I wondered why everyone was so shocked didn’t he do things like this all the time and if not why would he do it for me? Hopefully in the future I would meet this boy again.
We had just entered the office and you could tell from the tiny space inside that not much was going on; the young lady at the reception desk was working on some paperwork that didn’t seem to keep her interest very well. As Harrison and I stepped forward, she looked up from her work and immediately realized who we were. “Ahh you two must be our new arrivals! Charlene and Harrison Wilde right?” As we stepped closer to the desk I responded to the assistant, “Yeah but you can just call me Carlie no one ever calls me Charlene...” The receptionist lets out a little giggle as I get embarrassed by the idea of someone using my real name in any context other than for disciplinary action. I try to change the subject but Harrison is already there to save the day from my embarrassment, “Yeah and you can call me Harry, my god you look like you could only be 17 years old how come you are a receptionist Miss?...” “Its Mrs. Aberforth thank you very much Harrison…. Is your brother always this smooth or does he just like putting on his charm for married women?” “He can have his moments but he is a generally okay kid if you’re in to the dumb jock sort of thing.” I let out another little giggle as Harrison tries to whack my shoulder for making fun of him. After a few more giggles between me and the receptionist, we are able to gain control over our laughter and receive our schedule of classes.
As I looked at my schedule of classes I was worried to see all the honors classes I had been placed in. Luckily Harrison and I have two classes together, one in the morning and one at the end of the day. Well if I had to go through this torture at least I would be able to get through two classes with the help of my loving twin.
We turned to head out of the office when Mrs. Aberforth caught us before we left, “Oh I almost forgot where is your sister….Jezebel? Is she sick?”
I had almost completely forgotten that Jezebel wasn’t starting her first day with me and Harry that I had forgotten to have dad tell the school as well. “Oops, I’m sorry I forgot to have my dad tell you, she isn’t starting today she has a big audition for a theatre school up in Portland so she is up there today but she will be back for tomorrow. Sorry I guess it completely slipped our minds.”
“No problem Carlie I will just have to tell the teachers so that they don’t think that she is cutting on her first day or something.” She gave out a little giggle and I completely understood what she was talking about, this school would be totally unprepared for the arrival of Jezebel tomorrow. I almost felt pity for her classmates and teachers.
As we headed out of the front office Mrs. Aberforth reminded us to bring our teacher response sheet back to her at the end of the day. I nod my head in confirmation as Harrison makes one last failed attempt at flirting with her by winking at her with extreme unsubtly. As I push him out of the office with all my might I realize that the mysterious boy from this morning is still in the hallway. This time though he is not alone, he stands at a grouping of lockers with two other boys looking as uninterested as Mrs. Aberforth did when we walked in to the main office. The three boys were talking about something in lowered voices when they realized they were not alone anymore. The boy from earlier looked directly at me and did the oddest thing ever! He gave me the meanest glare then turned to stalk away. The other two boys followed after him like they were a part of a cult and we weren’t cool enough to join. Harrison looked after them, “There’s something weird about those guys. I don’t know what it is but something tells me we need to stay away from them.” I couldn’t have agreed more with Harrison in that moment but at the same time something compelled me to go after him. It was an odd feeling and I wasn’t sure I wanted to feel this way about a boy who had given me such a horrible look.
I wasn’t sure how this day was going to turn out. After the awkward beginning that had started my day here at Westfir high I wasn’t exactly sure what else I could expect, my only prayer was that no one else was as awful as that boy that just looked at me. As Harrison and I headed to our first class together I was wondering whether or not the school had a softball team? This is one part of myself I definitely didn’t want to forget about. More than anything else though I wanted people to know that I wasn’t just the new girl in town who had no clue what she was doing, softball was my comfort zone and that is exactly where I wanted to stay.

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