Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chapter 3 : Explanations

Alright everyone here is chapter 3 it's the first page i'll post the next page soon

Chapter Three: Explanations
As I walked over to Edward he had a smile on his face, of course he knew that he had won this round but in the future I wasn’t going to be so forgiving. I just hoped he had a good excuse for making such a public display of his “emotions”, but more than anything else I wanted to get this day over with I had some apologizing to do when I got home. As I moved closer to the car Edward got out of his leaning position, he stepped forward and it seemed like he wanted to greet me? He stretched his hand out to grab my mine but I kept my distance from him folding my arms across my chest to give him a sign I didn’t want his hands anywhere near me.
“Well I can’t say I take offense to this, but here’s a question, why isn’t Harrison standing guard?”
“Well to be very honest that is absolutely none of your business, I really don’t think I need to explain myself to you.”
“That is very true. It just that…”
“Well since I’m the one whose life got thrown extremely out of whack maybe I could ask you a question or two. I mean it only seems fair that you would oblige me in this small favor after what you did in the lunchroom today.”
“Well maybe you should read the letter I wrote you first, that might clear up a lot of the questions that you might have for me and if it doesn’t help clear things up well I will be here tomorrow and waiting for a long list of questions. I’ve had some experience with this type of questioning.” He flashed me to most amazing half smile and all I wanted to do was melt, but I snapped out of it and fast.
“Fine I will go home and read the letter but in the morning I expect to have some answers if they haven’t already been answered. But here is one question your letter might not be able to answer and I want to hear it from you.” He cut me off, I think he could guess what I wanted to ask and wanted to wait till tomorrow for me to get my answers, why was he being so cryptic?
“I promise to answer every single question you have in the morning but I’m not going to lie when I say you smell horrible, you might want to get home and clean up….. Answers will come….in time.” He started to walk away but suddenly he stopped very abruptly turned towards me and gave me that smile that I was starting to get used to. I thought I would melt into a puddle right then and there, I wanted to do nothing more than that in this moment. This time I would let myself melt, it was obvious I wasn’t going to get anything else out of him so I may as well give up.
As soon as I gained my self-will back I turned to the car to get in, now I wanted nothing more than to get home take a hot shower and read the letter that I knew probably had every answer I would ever want to hear from Edward. As I turned around I jumped with fright, it seemed that Harrison had walked over behind me unnoticed, he was getting much better at being sly.

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