Thursday, August 5, 2010

chapter 3 cont.

“Why do you say that Carlie?”
“I don’t know it’s just something that dad said about my first day of school always sort of being a disaster. I never really thought about it until now.”
“Yeah, maybe it’s just your fate to never be able to fit into the background like everyone else. Or maybe you and Edward were just fated to meet this way. You know I heard from someone that his sister can ‘see the future’. I wonder if she saw this coming.”
“No she can’t they were probably just lying to you. You know the whole he’s new in town so he will believe whatever I say thing. I wonder what the rest of them are like. After my theatrics today I completely forgot that he had any siblings. Felicia said they are all marvelous I hope I can see them tomorrow. I really don’t want to have another repeat of today’s festivities.”
We both laughed at my little joke and seemed to have a mutual understanding that it wasn’t going to happen again….not if I had anything to do with it. I was pretty sure that the letter would explain everything and that I wouldn’t have to worry about Edward showing his “affections” for me in such a public area again. But I was still worried that things might get out of hand, I wanted to stay in control of the situation and I didn’t liked being backed into a corner like I was today.
“So are you going to try out for any of the teams here? Basketball…..or softball? I know how much you love softball.”
“Definitely softball, I have to show these girls’ what a real softball player looks like none of that dilly dally stuff you see out in the backyard. I don’t think I will go out for the basketball team though, you know me I was never really into it. Why play something I don’t have the heart for?”
“True but you are such a good point guard. I would love to see you play some of the teams out here; I hear they have some great competition. It will reeve you up for softball season and until then I will help you practice pitching until tryouts.” He gave me a little wink and threw his arm around my shoulder grabbing me so I couldn’t escape.
“Fine, you convinced me Harrison I’ll try out for the team. But I have one condition!”
“Oh yeah and what’s that?”
“You have to try out for the guys’ team! And none of that crap about how you are better at baseball because we all know how amazing you are as a center! Please Harrison think about it, you and me off to college on scholarships playing the sport we both truly love because I know you hate baseball whereas I love softball and we all know I hate basketball whereas you would die if you couldn’t play a game.”
“Fine, I’ll do it….for you, but only because I love you and I guess you are right.”
“Right about what?” I wanted to make him admit how much he loved it, I think he realized what I was doing but he still fell into my trap.
“God Carlie must you always be this difficult? You were right I do love basketball more than baseball….I guess I think of it as more of an art form than I do baseball. But I hold nothing against it for you; I know how much you love softball. I almost think that you were made to play the sport. You know when mom and dad said that we were babies they put out a whole bunch of toys and one of them happened to be a softball from mom’s old days.”
“Let me guess….I picked up the softball. I always loved the way the ball felt in my hand like it was a permanent attachment or something. I feel like if I never touched another softball in my entire life it would be the worst possible thing that could happen to me.”
“I know the feeling, but it’s the reverse for me I feel like that about basketball…. So I was wondering what you thought about Felicia?”
“What about her? Please don’t tell me you have a crush on her already!”
“No….not really. It’s just that she seems really nice, that’s something I haven’t seen in a girl I’ve been interested in in a long time. I just don’t want to make a fool out of myself in front of her.”
“Well after what you did today, she has to think you are the noblest guy she has ever seen. I’m sure she is smitten with you and can’t stop thinking about you right now ha ha. No I’m sure that you will be fine around her, earlier before the incident in the cafeteria you two were getting along so well. You didn’t seem to be having any problems….or was I mistaken?”
“I was freaking out the whole time we were talking. I was like do I sound like an idiot; do I look like I’m too clingy to my sister? All these questions just kept popping in my head!”
“Stop worrying about it! I am sure you made a great impression on her! I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”
“Thanks Carlie, you are such a big help….hey do you think you could talk to her for me tomorrow, you know feel her out for me, see where I stand? I promise I wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t important to me.”
“Alright Harrison I’ll ask her tomorrow in English….but you owe me big time for this one!” While we were talking Harrison had made me something to eat, I wasn’t too hungry so I didn’t even look at it. I picked up something that was semi-dry and tossed it at his head.
“Real mature Carlie! Oh hey did you ever read that letter from Edward? I know my letter was pretty crazy. Wonder what he thought was so important that he had to give you that behemoth of a letter?”
“That is a great question but I still haven’t looked at it…. I contemplated checking it out in study hall but I thought against that idea since everyone seems to have such a large interest in me. So what did yours say? It looked like yours was just as big as mine.”
“Well its sort of complicated, he knows something about us that really isn’t too reputable if you know what I mean. If it got out mom and dad would never hear then end of it.” So this is why he wanted me to stay away from Edward… he knew a secret about our family? But I had no clue what that could even be…. Our family was very respected not so much as a grandparent in jail or anything of real importance on our criminal records, a few speeding tickets here and there but nothing to make a big deal out of.
“Well I actually have to go talk to dad about that so if you are done with that you should probably go help Jez before she has a hissy fit. And maybe if you have time before bed you should read his letter, you know get it out of the way so that tomorrow won’t be such an awkward experience.”
“Ha that’s easy for you to say, you weren’t totally embarrassed in front of the entire school over a little letter. I honestly have to say I hate the male species sometimes, you guys can be so arrogant sometimes. But not all of you are bad, just the majority.”
“If you are talking about Andrew you can stop now, I don’t like being compared to that jerk.”
“HARRISON! He was your best friend for like forever and then one day you two just stopped being friends. You know I still feel guilty about that, I totally feel like I had something to do with the decline of your friendship. Oh and by the way I was not talking about Andrew, I was talking about you butthead. Don’t be so egotistical!”
“Oh well in that case thank you… Carlie you really have to stop blaming yourself for what happened between me and Andrew. We just became different people, interested in different things. I become more passionate about basketball and he finally found his chance to ask you out. I think it was weird he didn’t think that I would mind him asking you out. Ha like that would ever be okay with him, I know how he treated girls’ before you.”
“Well I don’t know what you are talking about Harrison he was nothing but a gentleman to me ever. He never pressured me or anything he just wanted me to be happy unlike you obviously!”

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