Monday, August 9, 2010

Its 4 in the morning and I'm awake!

You wanna know why I'm awake? Trust me I didn't plan to wake up this early. It all happened at about 3 in the morning when I could sleep any more because of this smell?! It was horrific and I honestly have to say I wish it had been a dead animal instead of what it was, it probably would have been easier to clean up. Well my dog Charley decided that instead of waking me up to go to the bathroom he would instead decide to take a shit in my sister's room..... Yeah no everyone I AM NOT KIDDING YOU RIGHT NOW! It was nasty as all hell and it made the entire house stink so it took me about an hour because first I had to take the dogs out to use the bathroom just incase there was anything left in him. Then I had to grab my supplies (I wish I had had a mask because I wanted to be sick from the fumes.) So after finishing cleaning that mess up I had to febreeze the ENTIRE! house it was not a fun task. Which leads us back to me sitting here telling you about why the hell I'm still fucking awake. So the moral of the story is to never trust my brother when he takes the dogs out for their final bathroom break because he takes them in premature not letting them do anything because since I let them out AT 3 IN THE MORNING! they have been sleeping like little angels on the bed! SO DON'T DO WHAT MY BROTHER DID FOR THE DOGS! because you end up waking up to a giant pile of STINKY DOG SHIT! and that is not a fun thing to clean up!

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