Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day II

Hey everyone back again for another lovely post. This is chapter 1 of my book but it is only the first couple of paragraphs (still in progress)

Chapter One: Remembrance
On a normal day I wouldn’t have thought anything of what my parents were putting us through again. In my life moving was as normal as sitting down at the breakfast table and having something to eat. To put it in the best terms possible my parents liked to move and they liked to move us a lot, in the past 17 years of my life I have lived in 10 different states and over 20 different houses. But this time I thought it was permanent more permanent than any of the other moves at least, we had finally found a place where we could seem relatively normal maybe even happy.
Sometimes I wish that my parents’ would just give up on trying to make our family seem like we’re normal, maybe then I wouldn’t have such a problem with all the moving around we did. I hoped that the last one would be permanent but of course it wasn’t, it seemed so permanent we had been there for almost 4 years and I was finally getting used to the idea of settling down in one place, I loved the sun and how it was warm all year round.
Everyone in my family was prospering, my mom’s business was booming, I was the captain of my softball team not to mention I had the best boyfriend in the world, Jezebel was a shining star in the theatre world and was on her way to enrolling into one of the most prestigious theatre schools in South Carolina, and as for my dad and brother, well they both we doing their own thing. Dad always took care of us giving up his own personal career to help raise us instead, but he always seemed to be okay with that. As for Harry, well he is another story completely, the most popular guy in school, plus the captain of the basketball and baseball team he had everything going for him.
So when we found out we were moving to some Podunk town in the middle of nowhere in Oregon I couldn’t believe that my parents were doing this to us again. Even worse I couldn’t believe that Harrison was alright with it, he was supporting my parent’s choice and that confused me greatly. Out of all us he would probably be losing the most, having to start all over again making his claim in the sports arena along with the kids in school.
I didn’t want this to happen so let’s just say when Bell and I were begging my parents not to do this again you can put it as we weren’t the most gracious people about it. Bell threatened to kill herself or even runaway whereas I just plain begged them not to do this. I wasn’t as dramatic as Bell but I felt the same way as her. If we moved it would be the end, I would die inside and I didn’t want that, I could tell that this move would be the last straw to my sanity level I wasn’t going to be able to take this anymore.

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