Monday, December 28, 2009

The writer inside

So I have this crazy idea that I am a writer and that I will take on the feat of writing my very own novel.... I started writing this book as of August of last year (2008) and since then I have only made it to about 100 pages maybe not even that! Its depressing I know. So as a sad and sorrow way of getting my book out there for others to read I will be putting little sections of it on my blogspot and my wordpress which i will add to this website. I am also a professional photographer and that website has some of my work on it (all in its extremely early condition way before I used photoshop on it) I would love to hear feedback on the things that I have put up and hear what you have to say. And if you are a fan of Twilight no this is not a fan fiction this is a story I'm thats based around the idea of Twilight if Bella "died" per say. Plus do not knock my "book" and I put this in quotations because I know i will never publish it and it will never get beyond the walls of my computer or journal that I write in. So without further ado I give you:
Dark Night

Huh…Huh…Huh… I’m running through the forest, and I can’t stop moving. If I do I’m dead, if I don’t I’ll never be able to see my family and him again. Well when you make the choices that I have in the past year I guess I deserve this end. When I look back I wonder if I would have done anything differently. I look at the love of my life and realize that nothing could ever change the fact that someday, somewhere I would have met him. I know that somehow he would have found me and that just like when I first met him I would be able to realize the passion that would soon ignite between us. Of course no one could have predicted that what happened just a few hours ago would have stopped him from trying to rescue me.
But the one I was in danger from was the one person I never thought I would ever see again. A triangle of passion that came out of nowhere, as I look back at the time I spent with this danger I never realized that I would not only be putting someone I held so close and dear in my heart in some much danger. But how can anyone predict that the one you once loved would come back with a vengeance. I promised myself that when the moment came for me to leave I wouldn’t cry I knew what I had to do and this was the only way to do it. I had to escape to make sure that no one not even my own flesh and blood would follow me. I would have to use every maneuver I could ever think of to not only save myself but my family, my big complicated family, from the danger that laid waiting in the woods for my return.
As I kept running forward I only hope that my end comes swift and painlessly I don’t know if I would be able to take the pain of losing everything any other way. For him I will do the one thing that I could never promise from the moment I meet him in that hallway on my first day of school. When you know that the one you love is the reason why you are about to die, can you say you hate them? Can you blame them for feeling so much pain for turning your life into what it has become? As I stop to try and assess where I was I hear the one thing that means my end. I turn to face my predator and hear what the dying would call an angels voice.
When I think back to everything that has happened in my life I wonder if I regret any of it. If the first time I said I love you to Andrew it was a mistake? What is it had all been for nothing, if my time with him had done nothing more than waste my body away to an empty shell. My family had a secret, a secret Andrew knew about and he wasn’t about to let me go on through life not knowing anymore. How did he know, well his and my secret were intertwined. Our families had the same affliction set upon us and my parents were going to make sure that he had nothing to do with my finding out the truth.


  1. awesome, great attention getter, it got me sucked in! I can't quite tell if andrew is the good guy or the bad guy (my prior prejudices suggest bad, lol) but maybe that's how you want it.

  2. all i have to say to this is i think its hilarious because we both dated andrew's and they were both assholes!