Friday, July 6, 2012

Old Navy Shopping addict!

Yeah I definitely have a shopping problem!!! I love/hate shopping but I love to shop online at Old Navy, I love their clothes so much and I am addicted to their website!!! Went on their today to just look at shorts and jeans and ended up putting over $800 dollars in my shopping cart!!! Narrowed that down to about $600 and tomorrow morning when my paycheck shows up in my bank account I will be spending $103.51 on two pairs of pants, two tops and a pair of slip on sandals! I have a major problem, but it wouldn't be so difficult if clothing wasn't so expensive! And yeah sure you can say that isn't a lot of money for what I'm getting but I hate spending money on clothing its so annoying!!! But if Old Navy would stop getting cool stuff then I wouldn't have such a problem!

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