Sunday, July 22, 2012

Character names from previous post

First is just a photo from the movie
Beneath are just the names in order:
1. Carmen (Denali Coven)
2. Elezar (Denali Coven)
3. Irina (Denali Coven)
4. Kate (Denali Coven)
5. Tanya (Denali Coven)
6. Amun (Egyptian Coven)
7. Benjamin (Egyptian Coven)
8. Garrett (American Nomad)
9. Kebi (Egyptian Coven)
10. Liam (Irish Coven)
11. Maggie (Irish Coven)
12. Senna (Amazon Coven)
13. Siobhan (Irish Coven)
14. Stefan (Romanian Coven)
15. Tia (Egyptian Coven)
16. Vladimir (Romanian Coven)
17. Zafrina (Amazon Coven)

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